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In the close vicinity

You can choose to make your own hot food in the house. From the cottage the supermarket is only about 750 meters away on foot via the official pedestrian crossing of the train line. If you have a lot of shopping and would rather take it easy in the back of the car, then you have to make a small detour over the railway crossing and along the fire brigade (Bombeira). The supermarket has an extensive range of vegetables, fruit and even fish. There is also a possibility to put your clothes in one of the washing machines while you enjoy a cappuccino and Portuguese delicacies such as pastel de natas and more. Within 10 minutes you are from the cozy cottage in the center of Messines where you can visit churches, museums, small cafes and other shops.

At 200 meters from the cottage, down by the path up, one of the longest stages of the Algarviana hiking trail runs from Messines to Silves, 20 km away. In this town you can still experience a lot of the old culture by visiting the old center and the beautiful castle and museum built on a hill to be admired from afar. Down at the access path to the house you can also choose to do (part of) the walk to Silves where you pass all kinds of old houses and farms. After 1.5 km you can take the exit to take a round trip back to Messines via the cultural walking route.

For more information about what you can do, see the Tourist information.