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How to reach the house

From the Netherlands you can easily travel by train (via Lisbon) to the station in Messines so that you arrive (rested) about 1.5 km from the house. “O Cima do Mundo is actually very easily accessible by train from the Netherlands because it is very surprising that the train (so to speak) almost arrives in the backyard of the cottage in Portugal. In fact, the train runs 250 meters past the house but then makes a slight turn to the station virtually in the center of Messines. The train departs from Amsterdam around 8.30. Then you are in Hendaye at the end of the afternoon, just below Biarrits and Bordeaux in the Pyrenees. You get on the night train there. The next morning you arrive in Lisbon, where you (may or may not decide to make a desired stopover to visit the beautiful capital for a few days). You can also immediately travel on a direct train to Sao Bartolomeu de Messines. From the station Alte-Messines it is about 1.5 km walk or a taxi to the house. More information at the Treinreiswinkel.

In addition to Schiphol, Ryan Air regularly flies from Eindhoven / the Netherlands to Faro, the capital of the Algarve. With a rental car (whether or not to be rented in advance depending on the season) from Faro airport, SB Messines can be reached on excellent highways in about 35 minutes. Although part of the highways is not lit at night, it is good to do it in the dark. From the Netherlands you can also travel by train (via Lisbon) to the station in Messines so that you arrive (rested) about 2 km away from the cottage.